Wildlife (2006)

Wildlife phoenix flyer image Wildlife installation detail: video projection Wildlife installation detail: video projection Wildlife installation detail: catalogue Wildlife detail: 5/11 poster Wildlife installation detail: audio work Wildlife performance documentation, Oriental Bay Wellington

Multimedia installation incorporating video, audio, performance, and digital print works

Guy Fawkes, perhaps the most exciting, dangerous and reckless of Kiwi celebrations, holds a contested place within New Zealand culture. Historically tied to this country’s early foundation as a colony of Great Britain, its place as a New Zealand celebration has come under scrutiny as some deem it a dangerous and unnecessary remnant from our colonial past. This project aims to examine Guy Fawkes celebrations in Wellington and wider New Zealand culture.

Investigating rather than polemicising - Wildlife operates as an observational body of work. The project contemplates the social context of Guy Fawkes: the function of this event in our society.

The title, Wildlife reflects an attempt to recontextualise Guy Fawkes in a contemporary New Zealand setting as a celebration under threat. The recurring theme of bird-life provides a metaphor suggesting that domestic fireworks and inherently Guy Fawkes celebrations as we know them, are potentially endangered whilst also celebrating the positive and historic aspects of the life of this celebration within New Zealand.


S.O.S. – Save us from ourselves, Mark Williams
Enjoy 2006 Catalogue, pp. 68-71. Enjoy Public Art Gallery, 2007.
Published online [PDF; 191kb]

Wildlife, Bronwyn Smith and Louise Menzies
Published for the exhibition Wildlife, 2006.
Available from Enjoy Public Art Gallery


Mighty Box (screening version) (solo)
Square2: City Gallery, Wellington, 5 November – 9 December 2007
Exhibition webpage

Wildlife (solo)
Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington, 27 October – 5 November 2006
Exhibition webpage

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